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Sondra's Song

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It was inspired by a little girl named Sondra in Haiti, plus a continuous knock on my heart for foster youth leaving the system at age 18 or sooner.  Finally, after working as an Executive Director for the non-profit world for 3 years, it was time to take a leap of faith. From this moment our relationship in Haiti has expanded.  From meeting Sondra as she was given up to the orphanage.  My heart was forever taken.  As I watched her sitting on the dirt floor, with a long machete beside her and eating from a small tube of toothpaste, my heart was hers!  And from that moment it was destiny.

Sondra's Song

was founded in

April of 2011.

Our Local Projects

Young people transitioning out of the Foster Care System are significantly affected by the instability that accompanies long periods of out-of-home placement during childhood and adolescence. The experiences of these youth, place them at a higher risk for unemployment, poor educational outcomes, health issues, early parenthood, long-term dependency on public assistance, increased rates of incarceration, and homelessness. They enter into society with few resources and numerous challenges.


With a focus on life skills, school and work achievements, our transitional home provides these young adults with an opportunity to practice the skills needed for independent living. Our program provides life skills training with supervision. An individualized program will be offered for a balance of independence and supportive care. Each individual is referred to our program through their case manager and are welcomed from all over Texas.


During their stay, youth learn, grow, make mistakes by having supportive and caring mentors to help guide their decision before leaving our program. Sondra's Song, S2S, Soar 2 Succeed serves male and female youth who have motivation and potential to benefit from independent living services to successfully transition to independent young adults. Grants and funds raised or received through request or through our local community, stay to help the youth in the Lubbock community.



Special THANKS to FIRST PLACE FOR YOUTH for allowing us to use their video:

According to the National Youth in Transition Database in Texas shows,

youth in the foster system showed:

60% will graduate from high school

40% will attend college

2% will complete a 4 year college program


Within 2 years of leaving the foster care system:

60% of young ladies become pregnant

40% of males are incarcerated

40% are homeless

95% of men on death row were in foster care

April commemorates "Child Abuse Awareness Month". Although this may appear to be minimal, the awareness it brings can make a big difference. Each business or partnering agency will be able to display a garden plot using symbols for abuse awareness, such as pinwheels, blue ribbons and signs we can provide. Each year, we look for ways to combine our efforts for even greater awareness. In 2014 there were over 1429 pinwheels representing the Child Abuse cases reported in the Lubbock County, in 2015 there were 1138 this year there will be 1033 pinwheels representing confirmed cases for 2016 according to DFPS. This year will highlight the important role every community member can play to bring awareness to an overwhelming problem. Join us to bring light to a major problem in our community. Let's join forces! Call for more information, 806-790-1962.

Raising awareness for foster youth aging out of care


Sleep out.....so others don't have to.


Pledge Form

Sondra's Song, Soar2Succeed, would like to challenge you! You are encouraged to organize a team with your family, friends, businesses, youth or work group. You can also register as an individual. Our goal is to raise funding for a house for foster youth who have aged out of care - and now have no place to call home. By taking part in our challenge, and donating to Sondra's Song cause - we can give young adults a place to sleep IN, just by you taking one night to sleep OUT. Sign up now and join us on April 28, 2017 to experience some of the challenges a youth might face as a potential homeless person in our community when they age out of foster care. On that night, we invite the

Lubbock community to sleep out. Ask your friends, coworkers and family to donate to your participation in the Sleep out Challenge at any levels of giving. No amount is too small (or too large)! This challenge will demonstrate solidarity for these young adults. It also raises awareness and the necessary funds to run daily operations of transitional HOME for youth leaving the foster care system.


No one is excluded from this challenge. Find corporate or individual sponsors to match the funds you raise. Fundraising begins as soon as you register. Make it interesting and challenge others for the cause. Post your updates on our FB page.


Don't live in Lubbock? No worries! We still want your participation. Register, challenge others and sleep out on the same night - wherever you might be, your backyard, a campground....you decide! And post your " Sleep out" pics to our Facebook page. All proceeds will go to Lubbock's Sondra's Song effort and the hope of updating the home our young adults so desperately deserve.


Location In Lubbock

39th Street and Flint Ave next to Thrive Church from 11pm - 5am for Sleep Out Challenge 2017



All donations can be made by going to www.sondrassong.org and DONATE with your name or team name on the memo. You may also mail it in to Sondra's Song, PO Box 64042, Lubbock, Texas 79464.

STATISTICS: According to National Youth Transition Database, within two years of leaving the foster care system, 60% of young ladies wind up pregnant, 60% of males incarcerated, 40% homeless, and 95% of men on death row were in the foster care system.



There are no barriers in "defending the poor and the fatherless". Occasional trips have been made to Haiti under the direction Sondra's Song. Groups have been coordinated and funded through individual support or through church/group fundraising. Sondra's Song, has adopted a small community that has had no outside help from anyone else. ULTIMATELY, when funds become available through fundraising a trip will consist of building a school building from the ground up. Currently there are 100 students memorizing their daily lessons because it's written on a chalkboard. There is no money for pen and paper, much less books. Teachers are volunteers. No salaries to think of. And much more you must see to believe. WE CAN CHANGE THAT IMAGE!




To inspire, embrace opportunity & make a difference

one life at a time.



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Sandi Turner

p: (806) 790-1962

a: P.O. Box 64042  |  Lubbock, TX 79464

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