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Sondra's Song  |  Soar 2 Succeed- Lubbock & West Texas Program



Young people transitioning out of the Foster Care System are affected by long

periods of out-of-home placement during childhood and adolescence.  The mission

of the organization is to provide abandoned, fostered, disadvantaged young adults a

second chance to succeed.


With a focus on life skills, school and work achievements, the Soar 2 Succeed program will

provide a place to call home.  This will allow the youth an opportunity to practice the skills

needed for independent living.


During their stay, they will learn to address financial pressures, and grow by having supportive

and caring mentors. Building and maintaining effective relationships through a structured

program is essential to life skills for a successful adulthood.


Sondra's Song can mean the difference between a productive and fulfilling life and a life in

poverty, on the streets or in jail. All youth served through the program are referred from partner

agencies. The program will be provided for up to an 18 month period.


To learn more,please call Sandi Turner at 806-790-1962.

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Can Nobody's Child Become Everybody's Child?

At Sondra's Song, the answer is  ABSOLUTELY!

It is never to late to become a forever family.


On June 1, 2015, we were able to secure a property to accommodate up to eight young adults at a

time with a place to live. The location allows quick access to resources and helps adolescents adjust to life on their own. With the purchase of this house, youth aging out of care will have a secure home, as well as increased opportunities to continue their education, develop workforce skills, and find employment. This will help them strive to become successful and prospering adults.

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