It’s enlightenment for kids coming out of foster. Sometimes it feels like you’ve been forgotten. We had a place to stay through Sondra’s Song. I highly recommend this program to others because of the person Ms. Sandi is. She is very compassionate of what she wants and what she expects from us.” -Taylor

“In just a short time, I learned to manage my money, cope and compromise. I’m not always going to have someone there. I have to figure things out. My overall look of Sondra’s Song is positive. It gives me the overall feel that I can go out and tell my story. Let people know who come from foster care that there is someone who cares. It’s hope and you will have that support!” – Tenniel

“Sondra’s Song has taught me allot. I’ve learned how to pay bills and buy groceries. I also learned to manage my time for school and work so I’m not late because I don’t have anyone to do that for me anymore.” -Sabrina

“I first met Ms. Sandi when I protested her event. (long story) The whole time she was kind and offered us food. Through Ms. Sandi and her kind heart I found assistance through Sondra’s Song. She held no grudges for what I had done in the past.” -Alexandria