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We exist to assist young adults into smooth transition out of foster care.

Why Does Aging Out of Foster Care Matter?

The transition into adulthood can be challenging for any young adult. Learning how to live on your own includes paying for housing, navigating other expenses, understanding how to do paperwork for taxes, and managing new responsibilities. For youth in foster care, aging out is a dramatic change in lifestyle – from being under the State’s care to being on their own. We exist to provide support young adults need to transition into independent living.

A Forever Family – More About Sondra’s Song

We aren’t just an organization to help young adults transition, but we are a lasting presence in the life of the young adults we encounter. When you enter the doors to Sondra’s Song, you are a part of a forever family. We care about building strong relationships and steady support to help young adults succeed. More about Sondra’s Song here.

What Does Sondra’s Song Offer?

Currently, Sondra’s Song has a home that houses 8 individuals aging out of foster care. In January 2018, we are opening a second home that will have room for 5 more. During each individual’s time at Sondra’s Song, we create and tailor a structured program to help them accomplish their personal goals. Whether it’s finding a job, learning to abide by societal rules, or generally becoming prepared to function as a young adult in society, we strive to be the support system and source of encouragement each young adult deserves and needs.

Get Involved

We have three ways for you to get involved: Volunteer, Give, and/or Mentor. We are always looking for people to donate whatever they can to help set our family up for success! Learn more about how you can help!

Funding Resource

Through constant support, Sondra’s Song, Soar to Succeed program continues to keep its doors open with the blessing of being debt free. Sondra’s Song continues to thrive through the ongoing support and giving from Wallace and Sara McKee, Jane Burns, Gary and Quincy Light, Monty Miller Foundation, Talkington Foundation, E.A. Franklin Charitable Trust, Betenbough Homes, MS Doss Foundation, Diekemper Family Foundation, Covenant Health, Texas Tech University Service Learning (Dr. Bob McDonald), The Osteopathic Fund, Inc, Junior League of Lubbock, Trinity Church and Indiana Baptist Church.

Dr. McDonald has gone above and beyond by making his classroom lessons count for something more than just a grade,” said nominator Jessica Carrillo, Director of Enrollment Management and Operations for the Graduate and Professional Programs at the Rawls College of Business. “Each semester he embeds service learning, which links civic engagement, learning outcomes, and service into his personal selling courses by challenging his students to each raise $300 for a local nonprofit organization.”
McDonald believes that his students learn selling by actually applying what they are learning in the classroom to their fundraising efforts. Since 2015, McDonald’s students have raised approximately $80,000 for Sondra’s Song, a local organization that helps kids transition out of foster care into independent living. Prior to 2015, his classes raised more than $60,000 for various local nonprofit organizations.

“We have incredible young women and men at the Rawls College of Business,” said McDonald. “The service learning pedagogy is a wonderful tool to enable them to discover what they are capable of accomplishing.”
McDonald has been using service learning components in his courses since 2004, shortly after being exposed to the concept through Dr. Debbie Laverie, also a professor in the Marketing and Supply Chain Management area in the Rawls College of Business.

McDonald encourages others to explore service learning through Texas Tech’s Teaching Learning & Professional Development Center (TLPDC).

“The basic idea is that students learn the course material in part by applying it in service to their community,” said McDonald. “A key component of service learning is reflection. When students take the time to reflect on their activities, it helps close the loop in the learning process and solidifies the learning.”

McDonald hopes that he can help students develop a lifelong commitment to serve their communities.
“This is our home, these are our neighbors,” said McDonald. “We need to look out for each other and take care of one another.”


Lubbock Child Welfare Board
Buckner AfterCare
DFPS – Department of Family and Protective Services
Family Promise
Salvation Army
South Plains Homeless Consortium
H.O.T. – Homeless Outreach Team
Workforce – Job Corp
Texas Boys Ranch-John Sigle
Children’s Home of Lubbock
Hope Chest
Christmas Dreams
Reclaimed 43
Community Partners


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