About Sondra’s Song – A Forever Family

Everyone should have the opportunity to have a home. Sondra’s Song is a safe place for young adults aging out of foster care to transition from being under the State’s care to independent living. We are located in Lubbock, Texas, but accept young adults from around the state.

Why Do We Exist?

The transition into adulthood can be challenging for any young adult. It’s a completely different world than what you are familiar with. For youth in foster care, aging out is a dramatic change in lifestyle – from being under the State’s care to independent living. We customize our programs to each individual and their personal goals whether it’s finding a job, budgeting, manners, helping pay for an eye exam, finding resources, etc.

Young people exit foster care without the appropriate connections, resources, mentorship, employment, skills, or options to live independently. Sondra’s Song wants to help bridge that gap and encourage young adults to realize and fulfill their potential.

Everyone is welcome and everyone has an opportunity to have a home with us. We are not limited to the West Texas area. If you have questions about our process, contact us today.

Our Process

Currently, we have 2 homes that house 13 young adults that are aging out of foster care. Each week, we work with them by following a structured program tailored to their specific goals. It’s not simply addressing housing, but running to appointments, helping pay for eye exams, finding resources, budgeting, building a resume: Every day and everything.

MILESTONES of Sondra’s Song

Sondra’s Song was founded in 2011

April 2013, Initiated Pinwheels for Prevention in Lubbock County

Acquired their first HOME, June 2015

Opened doors to young adults, February 2016

Acquired second property, December 2017


Sondra’s Song, Soar to Succeed primary focus is to provide a HOME and anything needed to create a secure and loving environment to youth leaving the foster care system.

In addition to guiding and mentoring our youth, we assist with a personal goal setting. Sondra’s Song partners with DFPS caseworkers to ensure the best case scenario for each individual who is accepted into our program.

Meet Sandi Turner

Sandi Turner founded Sondra’s Song after she read an article about a young woman aging out of foster care and realized she didn’t understand what that meant. She began to research more about the subject and felt called to help set young adults up for success. Her mantra is “Everyone should have a home” and wanted to figure out a way to make that motto a reality. Today, there are two homes that house 13 young adults total.


Sondra’s Song has letters of support from: The Lubbock District Attorney, Matt Powell, Sheriff Kelly Rowe, Texas Boys’ Ranch, John Sigle, and more.

Get Involved

Advocate for someone who needs support and encouragement. Get involved with Sondra’s Song. You can make a difference. Volunteer, ask Sandi to speak at different functions, give, and learn more!

Contact Us Today

If you have any questions regarding Sondra’s Song, contact Sandi Turner today. She would love to tell you more about what Sondra’s Song is doing to help support young adults aging out of foster care.