“Sondra’s Song helped me by giving me a place to stay, helping me get my drivers license and my first car. The organization helped me learn about responsibilities of having my own things and getting encouragement along the way and never giving up!! I am a Junior at Prairie View A&M University preparing to take the LSAT and apply to law school”. (Tenniel)

“Aside from Sondra’s Song providing me a place to stay from an abusive environment, it allowed me to face my personal issues. It definitely exposed the parts of myself that I needed to work on. I was ignoring a lot of my issues. Living at Sondra’s Song taught me that I needed to acknowledge where I went wrong and control my anger. I am now a full-time student at University of North Texas, pursuing a Bachelors of Social Work.” (Anastasia)

“Sondra’s Song helped me by providing me support to continue my education with school supplies, educational fees, utility bills, and recommending resources for financial and emotional support.
Currently, I live with my husband in the San Antonio area. I am a second semester nursing student with a 3.8 GPA scheduled to graduate May 2020. I also currently work as a nurse aide to help gain a skill set to help prepare me for when I am a nurse”. (Victoria)

“Sondra’s Song helped me become the mom/person I am today. During my time there, I worked to regain custody of my son. I learned how to manage money, pay my bills on time, or at least try too and to appreciate everything big or little. I am currently living in Oklahoma with my son and fiancé. I’m a stay at home mommy”. Still SOBER and in therapy. (Deborah)

It’s enlightenment for kids coming out of foster. Sometimes it feels like you’ve been forgotten. We had a place to stay through Sondra’s Song. I highly recommend this program to others because of the person Ms. Sandi is. She is very compassionate of what she wants and what she expects from us.” -Taylor

“In just a short time, I learned to manage my money, cope and compromise. I’m not always going to have someone there. I have to figure things out. My overall look of Sondra’s Song is positive. It gives me the overall feel that I can go out and tell my story. Let people know who come from foster care that there is someone who cares. It’s hope and you will have that support!” – Tenniel

“Sondra’s Song has taught me allot. I’ve learned how to pay bills and buy groceries. I also learned to manage my time for school and work so I’m not late because I don’t have anyone to do that for me anymore.” -Sabrina

“I first met Ms. Sandi when I protested her event. (long story) The whole time she was kind and offered us food. Through Ms. Sandi and her kind heart I found assistance through Sondra’s Song. She held no grudges for what I had done in the past.” -Alexandria